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Bronco Card Procedures

  • Issuing:
    • Retakes are authorized only when an individual’s eyes are closed or as approved by the Bronco Card Manager.
    • No hats, bandannas, headgear, etc., are allowed in pictures. The only exceptions are to be approved by the Bronco Card Manager.
    • All Boise State University Bronco cards are issued by the Bronco Card Department located in the Student Union Building.
    • Only one card per individual is issued within a six year period; otherwise, the cost for a replacement card is set by the Bronco Card Department policy.
    • All Boise State University Bronco Cards are issued for a period not to exceed six (6) years.
    • Eligibility for a Boise State University Bronco Card.
      • Students must be enrolled in a class at Boise State University.
      • Faculty/Staff must have a valid employee number and a valid government issue ID
      • Emeritus employees will receive authorization from the Emeritus Foundation office.
      • Affiliates and visitors are those employees who work for agencies under the auspices of the State Board of Education or are working at the University under contract and who are not BSU employees or students.
        • Privileges associated with the affiliate or student status by Boise State University may consist of:
          • Bronco Card ID specified as “affiliate”, with appropriate cost for production of the card being paid by the Affiliate.
          • Building access
          • Network access
        • A representative of the department will fill out the Request form online and after obtaining the appropriate approvals an affiliate card will be produced.
      • Approved spouse, dependents and roommates living in University Housing apartments are entitled to receive a Bronco Card with the appropriate title. The card recipient is responsible for the cost for production of the card.
    • When an employee has discontinued employment with Boise State University, they are not required to return their Bronco Card  it will deactivate automatically via a download process from PeopleSoft HR.
  • Activity (Proxy )Number Assignment:
    • All activity numbers are assigned by the Bronco Card Department for any and all events, which require a number.
  • Replacement Cards or Lost Cards:
    • Non-operational Cards. These are defined as cards that cannot be read by a reader when properly scanned. If it has been determined by the Bronco Card Manager that the card has not been deliberately made non operational, there is no charge for a new card.
    • An individual requesting a replacement card must produce proof of valid identification, i.e. driver’s license, State ID card, military ID, fee receipt, etc.
    • All departments will forward lost or misplaced Bronco Cards to the Information Desk. This will prevent costly mix-ups, wherein an individual is forced to pay replacement fees for a new Bronco Card.
    • Only one card can be active at any given time, if cards are swapped, lost, found, etc. the appropriate card needs to be brought to the Information Desk to be re-encoded.  Building access and meal plan usage will be denied if the card in use is not the active card.
  • User Departments:
    1. University Food Service
    2. Athletic Department: access to athletic events
    3. University Health Services
    4. Library: checkout of materials
    5. Computer Labs
    6. Career Center
    7. Counseling and Testing Center
    8. Writing Lab
    9. Student Union Info Desk
    10. Recreation Center
    11. Outdoor Rental Center Campus Recreation
    12. Official University identification by authorized personnel in the execution of her/his job responsibilities. University Security
    13. Registrar’s Office
    14. Morrison Center
    15. Parking and Transportation Services
    16. Bookstore
    17. Building Access
    18. Games Center
    19. Children’s Center