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Bronco Card Fees

Student ID Card Fee

Students, undergraduate and graduate, are charged an initial fee of $25 for their ID card. The fee will show up on the BroncoWeb account at the time of registration.  Graduate students will be charged for a new card upon enrollment, despite the active status of their original Bronco Card.  Those with a two-year gap in enrollment status will be charged $25 for a new card upon re-enrollment.

Exceptions include Distance Learning Students, Intensive English Program, and High School Equivalency Program participants.

Replacement Cards or Lost Card Fee

  • No-Fee Replacement cards include:
    • Non-operational Cards. These are defined as cards that cannot be read by a reader when properly scanned. If it has been determined by the BroncoCard Manager that the card has not been deliberately made non-operational, there is no charge for a new card.
    • Exchanging an operational card for a different card type, i.e. proxy access or change in student/staff association with Boise State.
  • Fee Replacement cards includes:
    • Lost/stolen or mutilated Bronco Card
    • Name changes due to court action, marriage or divorce
    • Expired cards

Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, & Staff (full or part-time)

  • Initial Employee Card – No Charge
  • Replacement Employee Card – $25

Additional Bronco Card Fee Assessment

  • Concurrent Enrollment – $25
  • Sophomore Start Concurrent Enrollment – No Charge
  • Affiliates/Visitors – $25
  • Housing Dependent – $25
  • Health Program Clinical ID Badge Replacement – $10
  • Distance Learning Students  – $25 Upon Request
  • Emeriti – No Charge
  • Alumni – Not Eligible
  • Recreation Pass – No Charge

Student ID Fee Waiver

Fee waivers will only be granted on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Bronco Card Manager for those charged with a gap of enrollment of less than two years, a complete withdrawal in which there is an existing waiver of all other University fees.  To request a fee waiver email the Bronco Card office,, and include your full name. student ID#, and a detailed justification.