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How to Get a BroncoCard


Students (excluding distance students) are charged an initial fee of $25 for their ID card. The fee will show up on the BroncoWeb account at the time of registration. Students need to bring in proof of registration and a valid government issued ID or passport. See the details below for acquiring a card through other programs.

How to Get a Bronco Card

Full Time and Part-Time Students?

  • Students will receive a Bronco Card at orientation. New students that are not attending orientation must be registered for classes in order to obtain a Bronco Card. Please have at least one of the following: current class schedule, fee receipt, and/or valid driver’s license.

Concurrent Enrollment

High school students taking BSU classes will need to bring acceptance letter stating you are a concurrent student and an ID card.

If you are coming in a group please contact Kristi Lakatos, Concurrent Enrollment program Manager 426-3294


Affiliate or visitors ID must bring a Request for Approval of Visitor and Affiliate Status and Services form. Please follow this link to the Request for Affiliate/Visitor Status form. This form will need to be completed with an ID# from HR and signed by the department VP before an ID can be produced.

Health Programs Clinical ID Badges

Badges will be available the first day of classes with your professor. Please be sure that your name is on the list delivered to the BroncoCard office by your clinical coordinator. If you have lost your badge, come to the BroncoCard office for a replacement, Cost is $10.00

Distance Learning Students

Students taking distance learning courses and living outside the Boise area can e-mail a digital photo in .jpg format to the BroncoCard office at Be sure to include your ID number and return address. Your Bronco Web account will be charged $25 for your Bronco Card. Click here for picture requirements.

Housing Dependents

People living in the apartments that are not registered students that need door access or laundry services will be able to receive a Housing card from the Bronco Card Office for $25. Please bring in a copy of the lease with the dependents name listed on the lease and a valid government issued ID or passport.

Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, & Staff (full or part-time)

After filing paperwork with HR, please bring your ID # and valid photo ID to the BroncoCard office. New  cards are free for Faculty/Staff. If your Faculty/Staff ID has been lost, stolen, damaged do to neglegance, name change, or want to get a new picture, the fee is $25.


Please bring your current ID card and your Emeriti letter to the BroncoCard office and we will replace it free-of-charge with an emeriti card.

For information about Emeritus status contact the Emeritus Guild 426-2035


BroncoCards are not issued to alumni. The Alumni office issues a separate ID card that is available through the Alumni Office.
Contact: Alumni Association Office at 426-1698

International Student ID

If you are going overseas and need an international student ID, visit the International Learning Opportunities office located in Room 101 of Simplot Micron Technology Center (SMTC).

Recreation Pass

Full-time students are entitled to free Recreation Center privileges. Non-full-time students must pay a semester or yearly fee. REC passes for alumni, spouses, children and others who do not qualify for a BroncoCard are available at the Recreation Center.

Spouse ID’s for the REC Center are available at the REC Center.

Contact: REC Center 426-1131

Getting Door Access

All Computer Science, College of Engineering students, and students living on-campus, will need door access. Many entrance and classroom doors are now equipped with card access readers. These readers will read coded information on the BroncoCard to either permit or deny access. If you feel you need to have access into a particular door with card access, contact the dean of the department, the building Resident Director, or building administrator to request access. Please come to the Bronco Card office to enable your card and then to the department to activate it.


With any questions regarding this information or any other questions, please contact the Bronco Card office at 426-4171