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How do I protect my Bronco Card?

  • Do not bend, fold or expose the card to excessive heat, washing, or other damaging elements
  • Do not pass the card through any other systems (eg. Automated bank tellers), as decoding may occur
  • Decoded and damaged cards are rejected by card readers
  • Card protectors and lanyards are available for purchase at the Bronco Shop
  • All lost or damaged cards (including Faculty/Staff) are subject to the replacement fee of $25.00

What’s the difference between a proxy card and magstripe card?

The basic BroncoCard is a magstripe only card; meaning that the information that the card needs to work is encoded on the magstripe on the back of the card. Whenever the card is slid through a reader, the reader takes the info on the stripe and verifies the info with the ID database and either permits or denies the requested transaction.

The proxy card uses the magstripe technology, but also uses what is called RFID technology. The card contains a micro transmitter between the layers of the card and allows the user to wave the card in front of the reader instead of having to swipe it through the reader. If you have to access certain buildings you may be required to obtain a proxy card. Bring your old card into the BroncoCard office and we’ll replace it with a proxy card free of charge.

How do find out the balance for meals, Bronco Bucks, flex dollars or print dollars?

Whenever you swipe your card at the Boise River Café or any of the food outlets on campus, your current meal, flex or Bronco Buck balance will be displayed. Pay-for-Print balances will display whenever you swipe your card through the print release station. Students will receive a low balance notification email if Bronco Bucks and/or Flex dollars is below $10. If you would like a detailed report of your transactions or have a specific question on your transactions, then come by the BroncoCard office and we can print a report for you.

Can the ID card be lent to friends?

The student is responsible for his own Bronco Card. It is assumed that the person using the card is the owner. Any unauthorized use of the card is deemed fraud and will follow the confiscation policy procedures.

How much does a new card cost?

A $25 fee will show up on your Bronco Web account the first time you register at Boise State, or if you are returning to school after a two-year period of not attending Boise State University.

What if I need a replacement ID?

  • If you lose your card, the replacement cost for all cards is $25. You can pay with cash, check, debit/credit or you can bill the cost to your Bronco Web account. Failure to pay the fee from your Bronco Web account may result in late penalties and the fee being sent out for collections.
  • Cards needing replacement due to expiration or name changes will cost $25. Please bring a valid ID with your new name if warranted.
  • Cards that have been damaged due to user abuse will cost $25
  • Card needing replacement due to technical issues will be replaced at no charge
  • One form of identification (eg. Driver’s license, passport, or other government issued photo ID, or a yearbook with birth certificate).

Do students need a new card each semester?

No. The Bronco Card is issued for six(6) years. The Bronco Card is valid once student is enrolled for classes. Cards are deactivated when students are not enrolled in classes.

Does my card work on campus during the summer?

If you are enrolled in the upcoming fall semester or you are enrolled in the summer semester your card will remain active. If you are not enrolled for fall or summer classes, your card will automatically de-activate until you are enrolled.

Will my card still work if it expired?

It will still be possible to have door and Rec Center access but your card will de-activated for use of funds on your card such as bronco bucks, printing money, or receiving sport tickets.

I lost my BroncoCard, what do I do?

We recommend waiting a couple days to see if the ID card turns up. Otherwise, we can replace your lost ID card at the Information Desk for $25. If you are a housing resident and you are locked out of your resident hall, contact the housing front desk or the RA on-call phone to get into your residence hall.


The Bronco Card is the property of Boise State University and is issued to all students for use in obtaining various services. Misuse will result in its forfeiture.