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Bronco Card Procedures

  • Issuing:
    1. Retakes are authorized only when an individual’s eyes are closed or as approved by the Bronco Card Manager.
    2. No hats, bandannas, headgear, etc., are allowed in pictures. The only exceptions are to be approved by the Bronco Card Manager.
    3. All Boise State University Bronco cards are issued by the Bronco Card Department located in the Student Union Building.
    4. Only one card per individual is issued within a six year period; otherwise, the cost for a replacement card is set by the Bronco Card Department policy.
    5. All Boise State University Bronco Cards are issued for a period not to exceed six (6) years.
    6. Eligibility for a Boise State University Bronco Card.
    7. Students must be enrolled in a class at Boise State University.
    8. Faculty/Staff must have a valid employee number and a valid government issue ID
    9. Emeritus employees will receive authorization from the Emeritus Foundation office.
    10. Affiliates and visitors are those employees who work for agencies under the auspices of the State Board of Education or are working at the University under contract and who are not BSU employees or students.
      1. Privileges associated with the affiliate or student status by Boise State University may consist of:
        1. Bronco Card ID card
        2. Fee waivers (once the affiliate is registered for classes, the affiliate is considered a student, with appropriate privileges and Bronco Card)
        3. Bronco Card specified as “affiliate”, with appropriate cost for production of the card being paid by the Affiliate.
        4. Use of recreational facilities upon presentation of BSU Photo ID card and payment of appropriate user fees, as determined by the Campus Recreation policy
        5. Building access
        6. Network access
        7. Library privileges
    11. A representative of the department will fill out the Request form and after obtaining the appropriate signatures will forward copies of the list to the Bronco Card Manager whereupon an affiliate card will be produced.
    12. Approved spouse, dependents and roommates living in University Housing apartments are entitled to receive a Bronco Card with the appropriate title. The card recipient is responsible for the cost for production of the card.
    13. When an employee has discontinued employment with Boise State University, they are not required to return their Campus ID card; however, upon notification from the Human Resources Department via an email notification from OIT Services, the Bronco Card Department will remove any access privileges from the individual’s account. The Bronco Card will deactivate automatically via a download process from PeopleSoft HR.
    14. Individuals receiving Bronco Cards must be currently enrolled or employed by Boise State University, be an affiliate of the University, or qualify under special use status. (See Request for Visitor and Affiliate Status form)
    15. Student’s Bronco Web account will be charged upon initial enrollment of classes at Boise State for their Bronco Card.
    16. Students with a two-year gap in enrollment status will be charged for a new card upon re-enrollment.
  • Activity Number Assignment:
    1. All activity numbers are assigned by the Bronco Card Department for any and all events, which require a number.
  • Fraudulent Use:
    1. Fraudulent use shall be defined as the use of a Boise State University Bronco card by any unauthorized person who is not the individual identified on the card.
    2. Fraudulent use will be reported and the unauthorized user may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Replacement Cards or Lost Cards:
    1. No-Fee Replacement cards include:
      1. Non-operational Cards. These are defined as cards that cannot be read by a reader when properly scanned. If it has been determined by the Bronco Card Manager that the card has not been deliberately made non operational, there is no charge for a new card.
    2. The replacement fee for a lost/stolen or mutilated Boise State University Campus ID card is set by department policy. The individual is responsible for the replacement fee.
      1. An individual requesting a replacement card must produce proof of valid identification, i.e. driver’s license, State ID card, military ID, fee receipt, etc.
      2. Name changes due to court action, marriage or divorce will be charged a fee determined by department policy.
      3. Expired cards will be charged a fee determined by department policy.
    3. All departments will forward lost or misplaced Campus ID cards to the Bronco Card Department. This will prevent costly mix-ups, wherein an individual is forced to pay replacement fees for a new Bronco Card.
  • User Departments:
    1. University Food Service
    2. Athletic Department: issue of athletic tickets and access to athletic events
    3. University Health Services
    4. Library: checkout of materials
    5. Computer Labs
    6. Career Center
    7. Counseling and Testing Center
    8. Writing Lab
    9. Student Union Info Desk: discount movie tickets, bus passes and laptop checkout
    10. Recreation Center
    11. Outdoor Rental Center Campus Recreation
    12. Official University identification by authorized personnel in the execution of her/his job responsibilities. University Security
    13. Registrar’s Office
    14. Morrison Center
    15. Parking and Transportation Services
    16. Bookstore building access
  • Confiscation of Bronco Cards – Policy Development Bronco Card policy will include language that refers to service venues and would have specific language about a consistent confiscation process. Each service venue on campus would take responsibility for Bronco Card confiscation due to misuse1 and/or fraudulent1 use. Each venue would need to articulate specific internal protocol that supports the protocol outlined below. Venues include:
        1. Athletic venues
        2. Campus Recreation
        3. Counseling and Testing Center
        4. Library University
        5. Morrison Center
        6. Outdoor Rental Center Campus Recreation
        7. Parking and Transportation Services
        8. Registrar’s Office
        9. SUB Venues (Info Desk, Game Center, Bookstore, etc.)
        10. University Food Services
        11. University Housing

    Other Restricted Areas/Buildings (i.e. Computer and Writing labs, Career Center, Health Service, Security)

  • Protocol

    First offense: Confiscate and turn over to the Bronco Card office with explanation of reason for confiscation to the Bronco Card Manager. If the individual is an active student, the card will be returned to the owner if picked up within 10 business days.  After 10 business days, the Student ID card will be destroyed and the student will be assessed a lost card fee for a replacement card (see Bronco Card Office for fee amount). If the individual is not an active student, the card is destroyed immediately. Bronco Card Operations will keep a record in Bronco Card system of the confiscated card and reason why it was confiscated. Refer to Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) for conduct process if flagrant misuse suspected.

        1. Upon receipt of a confiscated card by Bronco Card Operations, the Bronco Card Office notifies the student via Boise State email that they have 10 business days in which to pick up their card or the card will be destroyed and a lost card fee assessed upon issuance of a replacement card.
        2. If it can be determined that the card was stolen, the person who stole the card will be referred to OSRR who will hear the case and assign appropriate sanctions.

    Second offense: Confiscated card will be turned into the Bronco Card Operations Office.  The Bronco Card office will refer the offense to OSRR for conduct process and assessment of administrative fee of $15.

        1. History concerning the misuse of the Student ID card will be shared by the Bronco Card Operations Office with OSRR.  The Bronco Card Operations Office will hold the Student ID Card and enforce the action recommended when they are notified by OSRR of their decision.
        2. OSSR will notify the student of their decision.


  • Definition
      1. Misuse/Fraudulent use: The use of a Boise State ID card that is not his/her own. It is prohibited to use another students’ ID for buying student/guest tickets, buying/using meals, using the recreational facilities, accessing restricted areas/building without proper authorization and checking out items at the library. This list is not limited to any other uses that may arise.